Hello and Welcome

Chris Balcombe

Thanks for popping by. This is me, Julie, a Mum of two boys, following a dream to become a children’s writer.

I’m lucky enough to have secured an agent and hope that, one day, I’ll be able to blog about some of my own books.

PICTURE BOOKS are my passion but I’ve been warned, by fellow writers, I will be shooting myself in the foot if I attempt to review other people’s material on this blog, then try to write about my own.

“Readers don’t like that sort of thing,” they’ve said.

“Why be a hotel then publicise other hotels in your area?” they’ve said.

I see their logic, BUT…

…by being honest, from the off, I shan’t deceive anyone.

It’s probably not sensible to publicise other people’s books when I should, perhaps be seeing these authors as ‘rivals’ but, that’s not me, and I don’t see them as rivals.

I see other writers as people who love language and stories and wish to share their enthusiasm for escapism, humour, action/adventure and reassurance with today’s young children.

What greater privilege could there be than helping to influence the imaginations of tomorrow’s young adults?


“In every caring thing you do,

The love you gives comes back to you.”

Those were two beautiful lines from a picture book I read this morning: (“One Winter’s Night” by Claire Freedman and Simon Mendez).

I’m not starting this blog with the intention of giving to get back.

If someone, in the future, likes something I’ve written and is kind enough to give me a mention that will be fantastic but my aim, here, is write about the journey to publication of a would-be author and to give deserved recognition to those picture books which I and my boys love and have loved.

Besides if, one day, my own stories start rolling off the presses, I will create a website dedicated to them.

As a former weekly and daily newspaper journalist, from Southampton, UK, I believe in telling the truth.

If publishers decide they would like to send me review copies of forthcoming picture books, I will be delighted to receive them.

But I won’t review them if I don’t feel passionately about them.

It is in my nature to write truthfully. However, as a writer, I have experienced the sting of rejections when someone doesn’t share your viewpoint about a story. IT’S TOUGH!

So this blog will be about the books I love. There’s enough criticism and negativity in this world, without me adding to that malodorous pot.

So please sit back and come along for the ride. I don’t know where it will take us, what will happen on my journey as a wannabe author and fledgling blogger, but I hope it might be interesting and worthy of your time?

If not, please change channels with my thanks for having visited.

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