I’m Sure I Saw a Dinosaur

 Jeanne Willis and Adrian Reynolds

 Andersen Press. First published 2011

ISBN: 978 1 84939 030 9


One foggy, groggy morning

By the salty, splashy sea…

I’m sure I saw a dinosaur

And I’m sure that he saw me.

This rhyming book flows easily off the tongue and makes reading aloud a delight. The prime audience for this 365-word story is 3-4 year-olds.

It’s set in a seaside town, which resembles somewhere in the UK, judging by the inclement weather, houses and characters, and revolves around a little boy who claims he’s seen a dinosaur.

Rumour spreads like wildfire and soon the whole town gathers, together with the media, the navy, army and scientists, to try and glimpse the dinosaur.

There’s a wonderful twist at the end, which I won’t spoil, but what many adult readers miss, but children spot, is a small glimpse of dinosaur on most pages. Look out for this or it might pass you by.

My sons have both enjoyed this now well-worn and slightly ripped book although, when they were three, they didn’t understand the twist. Fast-forward a year and, at four, they understood it easily.

My youngest enjoyed trying to spot the dinosaur on each page and choosing the dinosaur picture he liked the best on the end spread.

I enjoyed the easy rhythm of the story and the illustrations which resemble cartoon-like pointillism in my opinion.

A delightful book for a child’s bedroom or classroom library.


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